Friday, November 6, 2009

A new post is way past due. My apologies.

Ok great news! I am going to be in my first exhibit tonight at Maybee Gerrer Museum of Art. The show is called Doing What We CAN to Help and is a food drive for the Shawnee Salvation Army. It starts at seven and lasts till nine. Bring a can of food or two to get in. If you cant come tonight don't worry. The show will be displayed until Nov. 22nd. I will post pictures from the opening evening soon.
The project I am working on currently is a sketchbook for Art House gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Art House Gallery is getting together a Sketchbook Library including about 1,000 sketchbooks from artists all over the world. The Sketchbook Library will be apart of a touring exhibit. The Library will be in Atlanta, New York, L.A., Chicago and St. Louis beginning the first of the year.
I also have been asked to be in an exhibit next year at IAO gallery. I am very excited about this opportunity. My mentor and friend Sunni Mercer is going to be in the show as well and I am so excited and feel really privileged to get to show with her. I will have more details about this show as the time draws near.
This has been an exciting time for me. When I started out the year I never dreamed that I would get so many great opportunities. Who knows what else could happen. The years not over yet.

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leanna marie jackson said...

sounds amazingg! you should do help-portrait in oklahoma city too