Sunday, February 24, 2008

Inspiration and new direction

I have been inspired by a fellow blogger artist to try to sketch using only lines. I like blending and I'm good at it but I want to try getting a more illustraited feel and he has inspired me to try. Even in his beautiful life drawing he keeps that wonder feel of illustration.

I also was inspired to apply for an art teaching position. Unfortunately the position was filled rather quickly but I realized what a passion I have for teaching art. I got really excited and nervous yet not nervous enough to stop me from taking action. I'm going to keep looking for open positions. If you know of any in Oklaohoma put in a good word for me and let me know about it :)
Oh and I'm still trying to get someone to get my website set up. If you know of anyone who could help me out please let me know.


Brandon Green said...

Kristen, Duncan is a great artist to be inspired by (I especially love his Illustrator work.) I would also check out (if you haven't already) Paul Calle's book "The Pencil." His pencil work is pure genius.

k.mart said...

Wow. Thanks for the tip. Im hungry for new ideas and books on art.