Tuesday, September 4, 2007

black and white

I find it hard to believe that there is such dichotomy in this world. Things so heady and scientific and often times rigid such as business, psychology, and medicine juxtaposed against feelings, beauty, pleasure: art, music, and literature. I realize these all have aspects of both worlds but for the most part, they are foreign when held next to each other, especially when digging into the inner workings and theories of each of these topics.

Its makes it seem like a black and white world, when really its not. I forget that sometmes.


Mike said...

I'm curious: what brought all this up for you?

k.mart said...

I was siting in a computer lab studying social psych. kind of thinking that it is all hooie (which is wierd since I'm trying to make it my career) and wishing that I was creating something. I also have a lot of love and beauty in my life at the moment which makes trivial stuff like the stats of how many college students in Berlin have in group bias...blah blah...really seem insignificant.